Spiritual crisis in Japan and our challenge


Spiritual crisis in Japan is growing. We often meet young people who lament that “Japan is a difficult place to live in”. Japanese people are blessed materially, but most people feel emotionally constricted.

The number suicides in Japan is one of the highest among developed countries.

Can you believe that more than 20,000 people commit suicide, annually? The rate of suicide is over one every 30 minutes. We see news of people who jump in front of oncoming trains almost every week. When these suicides happen, we also hear people who say, “The train is delayed from a suicide? How annoying!”

It is very sad that people do not realize that they are loved by God but abandon their own lives. They abandon their lives without even noticing that their souls are hungry and thirsty.

This website, “itsukami” began to change the situation in Japan. “Make for Japanese people by Japanese”, we make itukami to tell the Gospel.

If you want to support itukami, we hope you pray for this project and pray for the Japanese crisis.

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we would like to tell you how we were led to this project by God.











Most Japanese think that religion is scary


Perhaps you may know, Japan’s Christian population is less than 1% and that number is decreasing. Most Japanese do not know either “God” nor “Original sin”. Of course they don’t know Jesus Christ.

Why is this situation like this? We can know from the history of persecution.

Japan made a law prohibiting Christianity in 1612. It is said that the purpose is to politically match people. Many Christians and missionaries were killed. 

Do you know the movie “SILENCE”? It is a movie made by movie director Martin Scorsese in 2016. “SILENCE” is a movie depicting persecution of Christianity in Japan.
(Because the history of persecution has universal value globally, churches and areas that were persecuted are to be registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites.)




Times have changed, The law of banning Christianity was removed on the surface. It seemed like the Christian population increased, but Christianity was suppressed again in the 1930s.

Because of the war, Japan was forced to unite “Emperor” as God. And during World War II Christians are greatly persecuted.

The churches who admitted the Emperor as a god survived while being monitored, but other churches did not admit it. For that reason many pastors and Christians were put into prison and killed. Both of them are sad.

After the war ended, the persecution of Christianity seemed to disappear superficially. But in 1995, the impression that “religion is scary” was imprinted to the Japanese by terrorism(*1) caused by emerging religion.

(*1) … In 1995, a terrorist attack called “Subway Sarin Incident” by an emerging religious organization named “Aum Shinrikyo” occurred. They sprinkled sarin (deadly poison)  in the station for the purpose of “salvation of people”, many people died, it became global news.

Because of these histories, many Japanese think that Christianity is not only unfamiliar, but “religion is scary”.

I was one of them.











To make Japanese understand that “faith is necessary for me”

However, I have known “the true love of God”.

As I know about Christianity, I noticed that I was misunderstanding.

I became happy because I understood that “the cross of Jesus is a deep love that can not be replaced by anything in this world”. At the same time, it became frustrating that many people misunderstood.

I wanted everyone to know that “Christianity is not scary”.

Many Japanese think that “religion is scary”, the opportunity to know properly is lost. I think that is a very bad thing. It is not fair to be deprived of the opportunity to know. I would like them to choose themselves after knowing them.

First of all, we thought that it is necessary for many Japanese people to feel that “Christianity is not our enemy”.

What to do… So we continued praying for about two years and we were given a vision “to tell from well-known things in parables”.

Well-known things, and easy to explain to us…

The answer is manga and animation! We thought so.

And God led us to “itukami”. (The tittle of this website is “itukami” it means “when did we come to be under the illusion that we don’t know God?” )















Awesome 10 features of “itukami”


Easy to read!
  • This site is composed in a story format like a novel. You can read for fun like reading manga.


  • In this volume you can read the basic message of Christianity. You can also learn deeply in the column.


  • You can easily understand the similarities between “attractive part of manga” and “message of the Bible”.


Effective approach suitable for needs!
  • We use popular comics to make articles, so we can reach many people. Also, we take questionnaire to the age groups that we would like to see before writing articles, and receive honest impressions.


  • The animation market is rising to the right, about 40% of Japanese admit that I am an anime / manga otaku(geek). Therefore, our approach is consistent with trends and needs.


  • The smartphone ownership rate of teens to 20’s is over 90%! “itsukami” is mobile-friendly, anyone can read it for free anytime anywhere.


We believe reliability and flexibility are important!
  • Before publishing a blog post our teacher checks to see if it adheres to the teachings of the Bible. We want to convey the message of the Bible correctly.


  • Anyone interested in the Bible and manga can join as a guest writer. We prepared benefits for guest writers.


  • We are using GitHub to make “itukami”. GitHub is an online space where anyone can participate and say opinions. We publish the production process and the next step and discuss various issues on GitHub to make a better website.


  • On the profile page, we have opened our real name and belonging church. We clarify our Biblical position.





  • ストーリー形式で構成されているので、小説のようにサクサク読めます


  • 本編ストーリーではキリスト教の基本的なメッセージを読むことができ、コラムでさらに深く学ぶこともできます


  • 「マンガの面白い部分」と「聖書のメッセージ」との共通点を解説するため、無理なく知れる


  • 人気マンガを題材にしているため、多くの人に届けることができます。また、見てもらいたいターゲット層にアンケートを取り、リアルな感想を反映させるよう努めています


  • アニメ市場は右肩上がりで、日本人の約40はオタクを自認。つまり【いつかみ】のアプローチは日本の傾向とニーズに合致していると考えています


  • 10代~20代のスマホ所有率は90%以上!【いつかみ】はモバイルフレンドリーで、いつでもどこでも無料で読める


  • 聖書監修者によるチェックを受けています。正しさを追求しつつ、リアルなキリスト教の雰囲気を伝えることに努めています


  • 興味がある人はだれでも、ゲストライターとしての参加も可能です。またゲストライターさんへの特典メリットも準備しました


  • 【いつかみ】はGitHubを利用しています。GitHubは誰でも参加できるオンラインスペースで、制作過程や次のステップを公開し、サイトをより良くするために議論しながら作っています


  • 私たちはプロフィールページで本名と所属教会を公開し、聖書的立場を明らかにしています


We received user’s impression


T.D.’s impression
(Male in forties, reside in Hokkaido)


“I want to read comics as well as the Bible, it is wonderful.”



T.L.’s impression


“It was very wonderful.” “I am looking forward to the next article”


M.M.’s impression


“I also feel the possibility of the power of the” story ” .”


For the first few months of the site, more than 1,000 people already visited the site. Also, the number of pages viewed on the site has reached 10,000 PV (page view).


サイトを作り始めて数か月で、すでに1,000人以上の方がサイトに訪れてくださいました。また、サイトの閲覧ページ数は10,000 PV(ページビュー)になりました。


Request of prayer


We are ordinary Christians. We have made this website little by little after each work.

We have opened our real name and belonging church on our profile page, but this is to get them to trust by letting them know our position.

We are only ordinary Christians, we can get trust by exposing our real name, not the pen name. Of course there are possibilities of various risks.

Please pray that God protects us from malicious attacks as we operate the site with real name.

We seek support for prayers. Would you please pray for Japanese salvation in this crisis situation? Japanese Christians are decreasing anyway.

Many young people are forced to work a lot with cheap salary, and many people are tired. Under such circumstances it is actually difficult to find lost lambs and guide them.

Moreover, we seek economic prayer.

We are very helpful if you can provide more specific support for this project.

Could you please support web server fee by PayPal? Thank you so much for reading this far.




“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
(Matthew 5:14-16 ESV)
















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