管理人・監修の紹介 / Manager and Supervisor



管理人1:上坂 かすが / Maneger1 : Uesaka Kasuga









Hello. I’m Uesaka Kasuga, I am in charge of planning, writing, and illustration of “Itsukami”. I was born in Tokushima prefecture in 1989 (Tokushima prefecture is a country town). I was born as a daughter of a Buddhist temple and My life had nothing to do with Christianity.

I liked manga, animation, and games, since I was not yet aware of “otaku”. Even though I enjoyed them, I thought that somewhere in the heart was “empty”.

Jesus filled up the emptiness of my heart and gave me the power to live. Since I was baptized in 2014, I continued praying that I wanted to give back to Jesus’ love, and God gave me the vision of this website.


I would like you to know the history that Japanese Christianity has been persecuted. And I want you to know our challenge on the next page.

I am glad if you read it.

Spiritual crisis in Japan and our challenge


管理人2:上坂 栄太 / Maneger2 : Uesaka Eita









Hello, My name is Uesaka Eita. I am in charge of supervision, web design of “Itsukami”.

I was in born Fukui Prefecture in 1988(Fukui prefecture is a very country town). I grew up in the middle of five brothers (older brother, older sister, me, younger brother, younger brother). I moved to Chiba Prefecture when I entered university and after that I live in Tokyo. I had studied the community at the university in the Department of Economics, but I was watching animation and wandering around, I decided to stay longer for a while.

In the wake of my father’s death, I was baptized in December 2015. My hobbies are cartoon, animation, movie, curry making, curry shop tour and volunteering counseling.

Do you know that Japan is a very difficult country to convey the love of Jesus? I’d like to explain the cause on the next page. And I would like you to know the breakthrough.

Spiritual crisis in Japan and our challenge


監修:石川 剛士(日本イエス・キリスト教団 伝道師)/ Supervisor : Kouji Ishikawa(Evanjelist)



Born in 1980, a general household in Saitama prefecture. Having faith in Aoyama Gakuin University student days. After graduation, finding employment at a general corporation.

After entering the social life life of about 8 years, entered the Kansai Bible College. Especially study the Old Testament as a major.

In the internship, I got a practical training at the Mikage Evangelical Church (in Kobe city) and engaged in Pastor Mori Hideki. Think that it is important to “listen to people’s story with heart”.

所属教会について / About our church





The manager and supervisor are Christians belonging to “Jesus Christ Church in Japan”. “Jesus Christ Church in Japan” is a Church of the Evangelical.

“Jesus Christ Church in Japan” is a congregation rooted in Japan through the ministry of Mr. Berkeley Buckston (pastor of the Anglican Episcopal Church) .

We believe in the Trinitarian God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our churches are that faithfully centers on the Bible.